Naked people…

Looks like there’s a frontrunner in the race to be the cover of the collection: the Spencer Tunick image here is ringing bells for people. Or at least, Lagan Press. Obviously there’s design work to be done, and indeed permission to be granted! But it feels right, somehow…


About Martin Mooney

Author of four collections of poetry - Grub (1993), Rasputin and his Children (2000), Blue Lamp Disco (2003) and The Resurrection of the Body at Killysuggen (2011.)
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4 Responses to Naked people…

  1. David Green says:

    Oh, yes. Well spotted. ( ! )

    I like the first option best as a picture but can see why the other is perhaps the preferred option. And, like Paul says, it is Stanley Spencer that comes to mind first.

    Lagan are doing even better if issuing recordings along with their books. If CD’s didn’t seem to be going out of fashion quite so quickly, I’d be hoping that within a few years it would be usual for most new poetry books to come with that fitted as standard. Poems are always of greater interest if you know what they sound like read by their author. It can add a lot to a poem without really taking much away from it on the page if the reading’s no good.
    So perhaps in years to come, the book will refer the reader to a download of the recording on the publisher’s website.
    I bought The Spirit Level on cassette when it came out but readily available recordings of new books have so far been too few.

    Without wanting to ask too many questions, it would be interesting to know how many takes you do of a poem before being happy with the performance. Although one might know how it should be phrased, and how it should sound, in one’s head, it doesn’t always come out like that. Not for all of us, anyway.

    • David,

      We recorded about 40 minutes worth of poems a couple of weeks ago. I rehearsed a little, and tried to select pieces that I knew pretty well and had read/performed over the years, so there weren’t too many mangled lines.

      I have to confess to having a deep horror of hearing recordings of my own voice so I haven’t heard the recording: could be appalling for all I know!

      Downloads would seem more contemporary, I agree. Perhaps a cheap memory stick glued to the front of the book (like the old floppy 45s that music papers used to give away!)

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  2. David Green says:

    It does look right, given the poems in the book.

    Some of us, of a certain age, might be reminded of album covers by Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin, and wouldn’t be worried that it could be seen as shocking or anything quite as unseemly. It might even be ‘old hat’ by now.

    My only question would be is that when you say it’s a ‘frontrunner’, there is the suggestion that it’s not the only candidate. What are the others, then?

    Faber’s house style has gone in the opposite direction of only stating the name of the author and the title of the book in big letters and an illustration is often good. But, before anybody comments on this picture, it has to be said that we haven’t seen anything else under consideration.

    • David

      There are links under the Cover Stories tab.

      Lagan are in the process of upping the ante with their book design: looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

      Also looking forward to a hardback!

      Sent from my iPhone

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