News from Killysuggen…

Been a quiet week on Slugger, with the only poetry post attracting any commentary being Connolly Window (from the new book, incidentally – maybe that says something?) Watch out for Matt Kirkham in the guest poet spot tomorrow, with something (ie not me) lined up for the Sunday supplement.

Meanwhile, Anon 8 is out (podcast to follow) with Belfast from Space and two new poems, one of which is available on the Sampler the mag posts online. But get hold of a hard copy for interesting poems, terrific stuff on arabic poetry and calligraphy, and the full text of Chrissy Williams‘ essay on Robert Frost and the Muppets, which made me cry with laughter.

About Martin Mooney

Author of four collections of poetry - Grub (1993), Rasputin and his Children (2000), Blue Lamp Disco (2003) and The Resurrection of the Body at Killysuggen (2011.)
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2 Responses to News from Killysuggen…

  1. Kathleen Johnson says:

    Mr. Mooney,

    I ran across your wonderful poem Anna Akhmatova”s Funeral in the Modern Irish Poetry, edited by Patrick Crotty. I know it is the last in the anthology, but it was the best poem in the book.

    I am an American and well versed in modern poetry of the last 80 or so years, your simplicity, historical sense and peeled eye of human nature, follow through in other poems you have written.

    My sorrow is that there are so few copies of your work in the States or Canada. Is there a way to order your last book and have it sent? Your work is deserving of a much wider audience.

    With sincere good wishes,

    Kathleen Johnson, admiring poet

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